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Please join us for our world premiere at the Vail Film Festival.

The Inner Room
A couple visits a remote cabin to work on their relationship following a tragic event. While visiting the cabin, Julianne becomes disturbed with horrific visions, calling her sanity into question. Soon she realizes her life may be in danger with no one left to trust. In the end, she must decide whet

Oh boy, the FINAL CUT of the film is done and mastered to blu-ray - ready to be projected on to the big screen at the Vail Film Festival. Can't wait!

World Premiere of "The Inner Room" will take place at the Vail Film Festival the weekend of April 1st. Hope to see everyone there. We are really excited to be able to share the film with Colorado before anyone else in the world!

Program - Vail Film Festival - Presented by Colorado Film Institute
First broadcast interview for "The Inner Room" is available online. Eden Lane of InFocus interviews writer/director Jack Gastelbondo and producer Mark Diestler.

in focus with eden lane 303 - infocustv -
This week, viewers get an exclusive advance look at the new Aurora Fox production of "The Wedding Singer" as InFocus drops in on rehearsals with Emmy nominated ...
First T.I.R tv interview will air tonight at 9:30 on KBDI channel 12 for those in Denver. If not in Denver, I believe it will be available online in the near future. It was filmed months ago shortly after production wrapped - hope you can check it out. 

In Focus with Eden Lane : Wedding Singer / Inner Room : Colorado Public Television, KBDI 12 in Denv
Colorado has a vibrant arts community that ranges from theater, dance and music, to visual arts, writers, and so much more. While many know when large events come to town, you may not know about the wonderful things being created right here! IN FOCUS WITH EDEN LANE will work to keep you informed, so
The edit continues to come along nicely - it's getting really close to being locked. We hope to release our world premiere date in the near future - we will keep you posted.
Merry Christmas to all of our T.I.R. fans.
The Inner Room looks amazing on blu-ray!
What, screeners in the wild? Hard to believe 8 months ago there wasn't even a first draft of the script, now there is a kick-ass film! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who put in so much hard work on this project. Can't wait for it's release!
First cut of the film... done. Wow! Amazing! Can't wait for people to see this film! It wouldn't have been possible without the help of EVERYONE that was involved - thank you, thank you, thank you - you know who you are. Jack Gastelbondo really outdid himself with this one.


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Very good indie psycho-thriller

Author: moviereviewer1976 from United States
27 November 2011

Was drawn to this film because it had a couple of actors from the film "Ink" (which is easily one of the best TRUE indies of recent years). I'm not a huge horror guy, so I wasn't expecting much going in. I was pleasantly surprised as the film wasn't really "horror" so much as a psycho-thriller or even a psycho-drama. If you are looking for blood and guts you won't get much of that here, although there is some. Not sure what this film was made for, but it couldn't have cost much - as there are no "name" actors and the vast majority of it takes place in one location (a cabin in the woods). It's definitely a slow burn - but for me I was really into it the entire time and thought it had a nice build up to the end. The film is really creepy and eerie. The style of the filmmaking reminded me a bit of "Dark Water." The performances were great, the main three actors, Jessica Duffy and Marty Lindsey (both from "Ink"), as well as David Dalton all did a fantastic job. I rated it 8 out of 10 because it does seem to drag a bit at times and some of the scenes weren't lit very well. According to IMDb, it is the director's first feature film, so I'm sure he learned some lessons and will continue to grow. He certainly has a nice style for storytelling and I'll be interested to see his next film.


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Nothing new, nothing interesting

Author: Gordongtrevino from United States
3 October 2011

The best thing about this movie is the opening credits. Sadly, when the opening is really good it is usually a sign that what follows won't be. This is the case with "The Inner Room".

The camera was so shaky that it made you nauseous. The lighting was so dark that you couldn't tell what was going on. It wasn't a case of mood, or feeling, it was just a case of poor lighting. At some points a good 3/4 of the screen was dark. Many of the shots were so poorly composed that you couldn't tell who, or what, the focus was supposed to be. The script was similarly composed in that there were so many attempts at a subplot that it felt like five separate short films were mashed together. There was no real conclusion to many of the subplots and by the time any conclusion was reached it has become so boring and convoluted that it was really hard to care. The audience actually laughed out loud at a couple of points toward the end because the acting, dialogue and action were so cheesy. Every scene seemed to go on for way too long.


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An excellent indie thriller

Author: nummy3 from United States
27 April 2013

I'm shocked to see that this film has such a low rating from viewers - it makes me wonder if I watched the same film they did because this is a fantastic film. While certainly made on a small budget, the writing is very good. There were multiple sub-plots constantly being introduced, but the film handles these sub-plots extremely well, making sure the sub-plots don't become confusing but instead add to the tension and intrigue. The effects in the film, while not flashy, were creepy, and I was especially impressed by the co-stars in the film who really added depth to "The Inner Room." If you're one of those people who go into films like this hoping to see a bunch of blood and gore, you'll be disappointed, but if you like to go into these kinds of films wanting to be titillated by an intriguing plot and sub-plots, good writing and fine acting, you won't be disappointed.


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Whatever you do don't believe the 3 rating, It is a an outright lie!

Author: J. Davis ( from USA
8 December 2011

I'm not sure what exactly the IMDb is doing with their "Demographic Breakdowns" lately but they are not as trustworthy as in the past.

This is a fairly decent movie, with a good level of mystery and tenseness that builds as the film progresses. It's not just the same old plot of a couple vacationing at a remote cabin & the female has had psychotic episodes in the past so now she's deemed crazy & no one trusts anything she see's or says, I mean it is basically but leads to an entirely different end. A good end.

The male lead's acting wasn't that good and the material isn't anything we have not seen before, But it keeps you guessing and surprises you at the end. This is a SOLID 5-6 in rating, give it a chance sometime, you won't be disappointed,


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A suspenseful thriller.

Author: moviesrus411 from United States
27 November 2011

I actually think the opposite...opening credits were OK. The rest ROCKED. It's definitely a slow burn not for the ADHD; but for a person who loves a good mystery and likes figuring out puzzles.

The main character is in a state of confusion and seems to have visions and has a weathered past. We go with her as she tries to uncover clues to her past and present.

The supporting actors do an amazing job of keeping things grounded without stealing from her performance. 

I also liked how the movie was paced just right. We are so used to having cats jump in front of the screen to keep us awake. In this film, the viewers need to pay attention to small details in order to keep up. It requires thinking which is a lot more than some movies currently playing.

Nice work. I was happily entertained.


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Very under-rated; this film is has twists and turns; Excellent!

Author: MissOceanB from Canada
29 June 2013

Seeing such a poor rating for this film, I was not expecting much however I was absolutely pleasantly surprised. There are some great plot twists and turns that will leave you guessing, the atmosphere/outdoors are the perfect backdrop for the chills you will sense, some wonderfully creepy moments, a back-story, and near the ending there are some shocking moments. This film has great elements of supernatural horror, non-supernatural horror and drama, twists, and overall is well-acted and the script is well-written. Even a sequel for this film would be very interesting. That said, to each his own in taste, not everyone likes the same films obviously, but this one deserves a chance.


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Great Indie film from a talented cast and crew you shouldn't miss!!

Author: ( from United States
19 December 2011

Like one of the earlier reviewers I was initially drawn to this film after seeing the incredible film "Ink." The lead character, Julia, was portrayed perfectly by Jessica Duffy. Marty Lindsey mixed well his chemistry with Duffy as a husband and wife in dire need of help with their crumbling marriage and a past that is haunting them both. When the couple takes a weekend trip to a remote cabin in the Colorado Rockies, things begin to get darker and the mystery unfolds, as others have said, in a slow burn. The film is beautifully shot and well edited, with only a few minor flaws. But this is one of the reasons I love Indie films so much. I'm consistently amazed at the quality of work that is made by these guerrilla film makers. Duffy has a mastery of her emotions when she acts. True terror, paranoia, grief, those are all very difficult to perform well, and in the Inner Room...she nails it!! This is a film of perception, doubt, fear, distrust, instability , all of which devolves into Julia questioning herself, her husband, her sanity. I was thrilled that the story was a "who dun it? What dun it? Is what is happening even happening?" kind of psychological thriller!! It kept me squirming in my seat and wondering where this journey was taking me! If you're looking for $500,000,000 Hollywood cookie-cutter crap with the same rehashed stories, then this ain't it! This is fresh and new and from what I've seen of the quality of work coming out the Colorado area Indie scene then great things lie ahead!! Well done Inner Room!!!